Welcome to HOPE Intervention

HOPE Intervention is a 501 C3 non-profit organization that assists individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder and their families. The representatives of the group are from Southeastern Ohio and assist those that live in this area. It is a network of parents, educators, and professionals who collaboratively work together to provide quality of life for individuals living with autism spectrum disorder.

HOPE Intervention strives to deliver the most updated training, education and support to individuals with autism spectrum disorder. HOPE is a resource for educators and families. The funding for HOPE comes from fundraisers that the group organizes. The funds assist families and educators with:

- Resource materials
- Education materials
- Workshops/Training
- Therapy equipment
- Recreational activities
- Special needs horseback riding program (Rio Valley Stables)
- Sensory camps and sensory equipment
- Sensory friendly movies (Silver Screen VII)

With the assistance of the community, our mission for HOPE Intervention can be fulfilled. We know that individuals with autism spectrum disorder can lead quality, productive lives through positive community support.